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About Us

Linns Valley School contains 350 square miles in northeast Kern County. It is a rural school district located approximately 45 minutes northeast of Bakersfield in Glennville, California. The district services grades Kindergarten through eighth grade. The current enrollment is 36 students with an average ADA of 30. Fifty-eight percent (72%) of the student population receive a free or reduced lunch. Five percent (5%) of the students attend from outside the district via inter-district transfers. The ethnicity of the student body is 80% White, 2% Hispanic, 11% Native American, and 5% African American.

Linns Valley School District’s certificated staff includes two regular class-room teacher. District support staff consists of two full-day paraprofessional instructional aides, one administrative assistant, two bus drivers, one custodian. The district contracts with Kern County Superintendent of Schools to provide certificated and classified personnel for Speech/Language, Resource Specialist, and other Special Education Services as needed. Health services are provided by the Kern County Superintendent of School’s Office at no cost to the district.

The instructional day in Linns Valley School begins at 8:10 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m. Students receive 305 minutes of instruction per day for 180 days; 305 minutes per day for five days, 54,900 minutes per year. The district has a library staffed each day of the week by a certificated staff member. Books and media resources are renewed as needed annually. The services offered include small group and/or one to one tutoring and accelerated reading. Computers are available for instructional purposes and student use in the classrooms.

Linns Valley School District parents and community members volunteer their services as needed, providing help in the classrooms, sponsoring fund raisers to assist with the cost of field trips, and playground equipment, as well as organizing and assisting with special activities. District sponsored programs and activities are attended by the community and produce capacity crowds.