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Our Mission

A mission statement expresses our purpose and function as a staff and a school district.  It states what we hope to accomplish with all of our students.

Linns Valley School is committed to the development of a total school community where parents, students and staff work together to create a safe and active learning environment for all students.

This will be accomplished by maintaining high academic expectations, emphasizing self-worth; stressing a safe and orderly environment and fostering an atmosphere where students are welcomed and encouraged to strive for success and to reach his/her fullest potential.

Our goal is that each student:

Become self-directed and self-motivated.
Function as informed and effective citizens in a democratic society.
Function effectively in the world of work Realize personal fulfillment and enjoyment in their lives.
The teaching staff has further explored the mission statement to answer the question,  If this is our goal, what will we be doing to achieve our goal?

Maintaining high academic expectations:

Give the students tools to excel
Hold students responsible for assignments (use incentives and consequences).
Use an informative Report Card system.
Use Progress Reports to give deficiency information and commendations.
Use Honor Roll and other recognition programs.
Conduct parent conferences

Emphasizing self-worth and self-esteem:

Encourage full participation (e.g. in sports, everyone plays).
Communicate positive regard through verbal and tactile encouragement.
Display student work, all papers (not just the best).
Recognize special events, birthdays and perfect attendance.
Help individuals and families in distress (food, clothing, counseling).
Use regularly scheduled and *as needed* parent conferences.
Give students legitimate responsibility: classroom chores, flag salute, etc.

Stressing a safe and orderly environment:

Use playground and classroom rules and procedures.
Keep desks clean and work areas in order.
Teach students how to move in hallways and other common areas.
Teach how to take turns and share.

Fostering an atmosphere where students are welcomed and encouraged to strive
for success:

Conduct daily opening activity and flag ceremony.
Highlight student achievement in Bobcat Weekly, and at opening activity.
Conduct monthly student recognition activity.
Use individual comments to students.
Use regular teacher communication to parents.

Self-directed, self-motivated and reaches his/her fullest potential:

Utilize a strong homework policy.
Schedule activities, which allow the students to do more, to go beyond regular classroom curriculum (Oral Language Festival, Battle of the Books, Whiz kids, etc).
Use detailed, well planned daily lessons.
Give consideration to the individual needs of each student.
Tailor assignments to needs of each student.
Use differential grading and differential expectations.
Capitalize on the unique gifts of each student.
Provide a variety of experiences for each student.